What is clothing customization about?

Clothing customization is a service that allows you to personalize your wardrobe to a large extent, adapting it to your style or individual preferences. In the fashion industry, clothing customization particularly includes tailor-made sewing, the option to choose your favorite fabric color and type of embellishment, or the pattern on the clothing.

How can you personalize clothes at NPSTYLE?

Discover 3 variants of clothing customization at NPSTYLE. Our service includes:

1. Hand-painted clothes

The primary type of customization we can offer you is hand-painted clothes. As our client, you can primarily choose the decoration that will cover your dress, shirt, jacket, blouse, or trousers. You can opt for one of the designs visible on clothes available in the store, or present us with a different, your own idea. Also, remember that we hand-paint not only our but also your clothes. So, you don't need to buy from us to use the clothing customization service in terms of hand-painting!

2. Possibility to choose fabric color

NPSTYLE is not only about hand-painted clothing, but also about a variety of colors. Therefore, when placing an order, do not be guided solely by the color of the clothes visible in the photo. If you prefer a different one, all you need to do is inform us about it in the order comments or contact us by email. You can choose from all the colors visible on the page. From classics like white, beige, black, through elegant navy blue, burgundy, and dark green, to energetic, vibrant shades, such as raspberry pink, turquoise, red.

3. Tailor-made sewing

Do you need tailor-made clothing? One that will perfectly highlight the advantages of your figure or, on the contrary, hide minor imperfections? Only the clothing customization service in the form of made-to-order sewing can guarantee such effects. If our size chart does not meet your needs, don't worry! Just send us your measurements, and we will prepare a perfectly tailored garment from scratch for you.

Why should you personalize clothes?

Are you wondering whether clothing customization is definitely for you? Here is what you can gain from hand-painted, tailor-made clothes, or those made in your favorite color.

Clothing customization:

- Will highlight your unique style and allow you to express your personality,
- will make you stand out on the street and among friends,
- will bring freshness and a new, intriguing look to old, long-unworn pieces of clothing,
- will ensure the perfect fit of the garment to the silhouette or individual fashion preferences,
- will guarantee full satisfaction, pleasure from the purchase,
- is a great idea for a gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary, holidays, or a bachelorette party.

What do you need to know before deciding on clothing customization?

Two key issues that may interest you when personalizing clothes at NPSTYLE are the cost of such a service and the implementation time.

The price is always determined individually, after sending us the guidelines for the order. It mainly depends on the type of work commissioned, including the size and type of hand-painted decoration. In any case, please contact us by phone or email.

The implementation time, due to the individual nature of the order, is up to 14 working days.

Do you have more questions about clothing customization or do you want to place a personalized order now?


Create your unique style with personalized, hand-painted clothes!