Shirt dress

If we were to indicate one cut of a dress that should not be missing in a woman's wardrobe, it would be a shirtdress. At the beginning of its existence, the shirt dress was just an ordinary, elongated shirt. Today, however, it delights with many scenes, allowing you to wear it on virtually any, any occasion. Due to her character, the shirtdress has become a particularly strong part of the employee's dress code. If in the evening you did not have time to complete the styling for the office for the next day, reach for a shirt dress! A button-up shirt dress will always help you create an elegant and fashionable outfit. One in which you will not only look but also feel great. Are you looking for an extraordinary shirt dress for work or other circumstances? Among our linen, hand-painted dresses you will surely find the one you dream of!

Shirt dress - linen dress with zipper

Shirt dresses are very characteristic, easily recognizable dresses. They are distinguished by the presence of buttons (usually along the entire length) and a collar. The cardigan dresses that you can find in our offer are hand-painted linen shirt dresses. You can choose between both long shirt dresses and short shirt dresses reaching the knee. All of them have a perfectly cut cut, slightly tapered at the waist and extending downwards. Thanks to this, they beautifully emphasize the female figure. They emphasize all its advantages, give air and grace. However, when you want to emphasize your figure even more, you can decide to tie our dress with a belt, string or ribbon. And this is still not the end! In a linen shirt dress, you will also display your legs and breasts sensually. This will be possible thanks to the button closure along the entire length, characteristic for a shirt dress. The optimal sleeve length ¾ gives our shirt dresses an elegant look and at the same time guarantees a high wearing comfort.

A linen shirt dress in various versions

You already know all the most important features of our unique, hand-painted linen shirt dressers. Now it's time to discover how you can style them and where to wear them! We must emphasize once again that a shirt dress is, above all, a great outfit for work. And it does not matter what your profession is. If you are bound by quite restrictive dress code, in our offer you will find classic, black shirt dresses without any decorations. But when you can afford more freedom, don't be afraid to reach for linen shirt dresses with hand-painted flowers. Such dresses with zippers will also be a great choice for birthday parties, meetings with friends or visits to the theater. To make the styling with a shirtdress even more varied, choose a belt, a string necklace, dangling earrings or a scarf. Preferably in a color corresponding to hand-painted decorations. A shirt dress will allow you to look feminine and classy in just a few minutes. Our unique dresses will additionally emphasize your artistic personification and unique style!


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