Women's knitted blouses

In the Naturally Podlasek store, you will find hand-made women's knitted blouses in rich colors and unique designs created by local artists and designers. Your wardrobe must not miss unique hand-felted blouses, which with their colors and original cut will win the heart of every woman and the Australian merino wool used for felting will allow you to feel the delicacy of this wool. For women who like to stand out and feel exceptionally, we offer hand-painted knitted blouses, in which you will arouse admiration among the all-encompassing gray. For women looking for loose and non-tight styles, our offer is large, knitted oversize blouses, which will hide imperfections and feel comfortable at every occasion. And as designers of the NP brand, taking care of the environment, we use our materials to the last scrap, creating unique patchwork knitted blouses, which will give you energy with their colors and design. And if you like natural materials, want to stand out and appreciate the handwork of local craftsmen, our store offers cotton knitted autumn blouses, where comfort and convenience put them above all else. We invite you to purchase single and unique blouses.


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