Dresses with short sleeves

Dresses with short sleeves are one of those dresses that you can wear practically all year round. Linen dresses will be perfect in summer, but when combined with a katana, sweater or shawl, also in early spring, autumn and even winter. Dresses with short sleeves are also a great alternative to dresses with straps. If for various reasons you cannot or do not want to wear a sleeveless top, the styles available here will be the perfect solution for you! Our assortment is dominated by one type of dresses. These are linen dresses with short sleeves and hand-painted decorations. These are natural clothes, very comfortable and airy, and at the same time extraordinary and unique. You will not find two the same copies here, with the same, identical pattern. So if you value a unique style, you will also appreciate our short-sleeved summer dresses!

Linen dresses with short sleeves - get to know their possibilities

Linen dresses with short sleeves are an exceptionally rich, diverse and extensive category of products in our store. And all because short sleeve dresses are simply universal. You can put it on when you go out shopping in the morning or walk the dog. Treat it as stylization for work, school, and university. Due to the fact that it is a dress that covers the shoulders, it will not be perceived as "inappropriate". Dresses with short sleeves are also one of those styles that you will eagerly reach for when going to ceremonial events. A wedding, a birthday party, a communion or a meeting with old friends. Finally, they are the perfect dresses for all holiday trips and trips, regardless of the place. Our hand-painted linen dresses do not limit you in any way. You can wear them whenever and wherever you want and combine them with various accessories. Leather sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, or maybe heavier hiking boots? No problem! However, when you choose a short-sleeved dress for an important celebration, in our offer you will find artistic jewelry suitable for such an occasion.

Dresses with short sleeves - find your dream one

In the case of short sleeve dresses, one problem may arise: which one to choose? Among the proposals available here, you will find, in particular, oversized linen dresses in the short or long variant. Perfect for all informal outings, during which you can allow yourself a bit of slack and freedom. Just like asymmetrical linen dresses, thanks to which your outfit will immediately gain character. However, if you are looking for the perfect short-sleeved dress for summer work, be sure to choose our shirtdress. In this case, no cut will be better than just a shirt dress! For ladies interested in short-sleeved dresses, which they will be able to wear on holidays, we recommend maxi dresses. For special occasions, you can choose a linen dress that delicately emphasizes the waist and spreads downwards. It is obligatory to be decorated with hand-painted flowers that will give it femininity and grace!


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