Short dresses

Short dresses are one of the most frequently chosen elements of women's wardrobe. They owe their popularity to the fact that they are simply ... universal. Short dresses are suitable for both short, medium and tall women. They can be worn by slim ladies and those interested in larger sizes. The short dresses that you can find in our store are made of linen, which is why we recommend them primarily for the summer season. However, this should not prevent you from wearing them also on colder days with tights or a knitted sweater. Linen, short dresses available in our offer are distinguished by artistic, hand-painted decorations, with which we emphasized their extraordinary character. If, apart from the short dress itself, you are looking for an original and unique outfit at the same time, we have a lot of inspiration for you, not only for the summer!

Short dresses for the summer

Linen short dresses, especially dresses with short sleeves or straps, are the perfect choice for summer and vacation. High temperatures are favorable for wearing natural and airy clothes. Clothes that cover the body as little as possible and provide the desired comfort and a sense of freshness. The short summer dresses that we have prepared for you will allow you to look great and feel comfortable in any situation. If you are looking for a short linen dress for a holiday trip, you might consider choosing an asymmetrical dress with extended sides, an oversized short dress or a hooded dress. You can also put them on for a barbecue with friends, shopping, walk, weekend trip or a quick lunch. In this type of styles, you will experience exceptional comfort, without giving up the style and femininity characteristic of every women's dress. Our offer of short dresses is also dedicated to ladies who prefer clothes with a regular, more classic cut. In any case, the linen dress you choose will retain the element of uniqueness and originality. Remember that it is sewn and painted by hand, so you will not soon spot another, identical or similar item on the street or among your friends!

Elegant short dresses

Short dresses are not only casual dresses, but also creations for special occasions. It all depends primarily on the specific cut, color and pattern. While we recommend looser dresses with a hood mainly for less formal occasions, our short dresses with a flared bottom will allow you to create a very elegant styling. Although, of course, in a slightly different sense of the word. Because our hand-sewn clothes are reserved for women who have their own artistic style and like to stand out. Short dresses in this edition will be appropriate for a wedding, communion, birthday party or a romantic dinner. For such occasions, you can choose a short dress with hand-painted flowers or abstract patterns in various colors - red, green, yellow, turquoise. Short dresses from our offer also include dresses for work in the office. For women who want to feel fresh and comfortable in the summer, but the dress code requires them to dress in a specific way, we have therefore prepared very classic, short linen dresses in darker colors, such as black and navy blue.


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