Women's pants

Pants from the Naturally Podlasek collection are extremely rich colors and styles. Throughout the year you will find here: straight trousers, wide-leg pants, Swede's pants, lowered alladyness pants as well as pants in artistic style, with which we are not afraid of the original cuts. In our summer collection we only use natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. Linen or cotton pants are the perfect choice for the summer. Remembering that linen fabric is antiallergic and a natural UV filter. In winter, we offer warm pants made of thicker knitwear and fabrics, often with the addition of wool, which guarantee warmth at the lowest temperatures. Our all-year product are also unique dungarees. Here, attention to details such as hand-sewn and sewn applications, or hand-painted paintings on pants will not let you pass by indifferently. You just have to have them! Our store also offers pants made by local artists. You will feel special in the knitted trousers of the artist Ewa Dunikowska, and the accessories and original embroidery will satisfy more than one artistic soul. Enjoy your shopping.


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