Basic 5 boots

Anyone who dreams of hand-sewn natural leather shoes will find them in our online store. The Basic 5 model is a taller traper-style footwear that is perfect for the vast majority of the year. You can wear them from early spring to fall and even during mild winter. Such universal and practical shoes from spring to late autumn will be a great complement to any wardrobe. You will quickly find out how many styles you can combine them with. We have Trek Basic 5 shoes for you in both women's and men's versions. Each pair is laced with a thong and entirely handmade, which guarantees its uniqueness. Thanks to a large selection of colors and the possibility of making footwear on an individual order, you will receive a product that meets all your expectations!

Hand-sewn women's and men's shoes

The men's leather hiking boots and women's leather hiking boots waiting for you in our store are made from start to finish by hand in a Krakow studio. So you won't find the same pair anywhere else! If you are looking for extraordinary and eye-catching footwear, our leather shoes with a thong will be a bull's eye. Due to the fact that they are not sewn on the model, in each case they adapt individually to the shape of the foot, which translates into the highest comfort of use. Handcrafted Trek shoes in the style of trappers will add character to many styles. Women can wear them with airy skirts or dresses, while men can wear them with elegant shirts, sweaters and trousers or casual T-shirts. Their classic and, at the same time, original cut means that you can combine them with practically all the clothes in your wardrobe.

Natural leather shoes - colorful or classic?

All products that we have prepared for you in our store are Polish shoes, made of 100% natural leather. As a result, they are extremely durable and designed in such a way as to stay with you for many seasons. Soft and at the same time solid material will not cease to delight you with its quality despite the passage of time. You can put them on for short distances, such as the road to work, university or shop, and go for a walk in the park, forest or a day trip. Comfort and durability are features that cannot fail with our hand-sewn leather shoes. Of course, these are not all the features that distinguish the Basic 5 hiking boots. If you like expressive colors and are not afraid of bold, eye-catching accents, in Naturally… Podlasek you will find leather shoes in the colors of juicy yellow, pink and even aquamarine. For people who are not yet prepared for such fashion variations, we recommend gray, dark green or dark orange.


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