Dresses sewn from the bias

Are you dreaming of an airy, sensual and very feminine dress for the summer period? Our twill linen dresses should get your attention right away! This is one of the styles that has a special place in the hearts of many women. Skew dresses have something magical and unique about them. You only need to put it on to see that it is worn completely differently than other, "ordinary" dresses! Our skew dresses are designed and made in such a way that you can enjoy them on many different occasions. Elegant maxi dresses will allow you to create a dazzling creation for a wedding, while a short slant dress is the perfect styling for a drink, meeting with friends or a romantic dinner with a partner. Enriched with appropriate accessories, it will quickly create the desired, dream stylization. Hand-painted or sewn-on decorations make each of our linen skew dresses extraordinary, one of a kind. Do you want to know them all? We invite you to our store!

Skew dresses - airy, light and alluring

If your wardrobe has not yet found a place for a twill dress, we have a feeling that everything will change in the coming summer season! Skewed dresses have many advantages. This method of sewing makes them fit beautifully on the body, gently adhering to it and emphasizing the female figure. In our skewer dresses, we have also decided on a flared downward cut, which gives each dress sophistication, airiness and sensuality. If you add unique, hand-painted decorations in the form of various types of spring and summer flowers or abstract motifs, you get an outfit ready to steal not only your heart! We cannot forget about the natural, breathable and airy fabric, thanks to which you will experience exceptional comfort and freshness. The twill linen dresses are definitely the clothes you need for the coming summer.

Skew dresses - summer is yours

The skew dresses that await you in our offer are linen dresses with straps, dresses with short sleeves, long dresses made of linen, asymmetrical dresses, dresses with tied straps, as well as linen, short skew dresses. Regardless of whether you are looking for a bias dress for everyday use, or you are interested in a twill dress for a wedding, communion or birthday party. Our hand-painted creations will allow you to stand out from the crowd during each exit. During solemn, solemn moments, you should be accompanied by a long slant dress decorated with colorful, lush meadows of your favorite flowers. Enrich it with an airy cape, a poncho or a shawl and a string necklace, thus completing its feminine and elegant character. A short slant dress with thick shoulder straps with a hand-painted female face is a perfect everyday styling that will give you grace and grace. Such a linen dress can also make many a warm, holiday evening spent on a walk in the park or on the home terrace.


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