Long oversize dresses

Long oversize dresses are currently one of the basic, most desirable styles among women's dresses. Until recently, oversize long dresses were chosen by only a few women. Today, the vast majority of them want to have at least one in their wardrobe! At Naturally… Podlasek, we always follow all the trends that appear in fashion, and we often even overtake them, which is why oversize dresses are also available in our online store. These are long, loose dresses made of linen and decorated with various hand-painted decorations. Colorful, artistic, unusual - the kind in which you will immediately focus all your attention on yourself and receive numerous compliments. With a long oversize dress you will create an effective style for many occasions, so we guarantee that it will not let you forget about yourself!

Hand painted linen long dresses

Every long dress, regardless of whether it is plain or hand-painted, straight or asymmetrical, impresses with its elegant, sensual appearance. The same is the case with a long oversize dress. Dresses that can accompany you during numerous events of various nature. Our linen, long, oversize dresses, hand-painted with flowers and abstract patterns are perfect everyday stylizations, casual outings - shopping, a walk, a coffee with a friend, or a weekend trip. You will feel at ease and comfortable in them, while being aware of an attractive, extraordinary appearance. Occasions that favor wearing an oversize maxi dress can also be much more festive. If you want, you can wear it for a wedding and birthday party, communion, romantic dinner, theater performance, concert or work. Oversize fashion has recently dominated such events as well. Depending on the rank of the meeting, take care of the appropriate accessories that will make your outfit complete with a long oversize dress. These can be our rope necklaces, scarves, shawls, brooches and earrings made of felt, or leather handbags.

Long oversize dresses - for every woman without exception

Long cut and, in addition, oversize - is it really for you? In the case of our oversize long dresses, medium or shorter heights as well as curvaceous shapes are no obstacles to wearing looser maxi dresses. Thanks to additional amenities, such as the strings in the sleeves, waist and bottom, they will allow you to adjust their width in different places, adjusting the arrangement and shape of the dress to your figure! Our linen oversize dresses will allow you to emphasize the advantages of your figure on the one hand, and mask minor imperfections on the other. If you want a long oversize dress to also fit your height, we can prepare it for your individual order, after sending us the exact measurements. Thanks to this, the combination of an oversize cut with a maxi length will guarantee an effect that no other dresses of this type can offer you!


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