Women's Aladdin pants

Are you looking for an equally convenient replacement for dresses or skirts? This is perfect, because in our online store we have prepared a lot of unique and original offers for you. These are, of course, irreplaceable women's pants! Our collection consists of peculiar, unconventional cuts, such as loose Aladynka pants or Haremki with a drop crotch, made in colorful colors and patterns. Bold cuts, ensuring great freedom and comfort of wearing, will be the perfect choice for women who put comfort in the first place, and at the same time like extravagance and going beyond the patterns. If you belong to this group, it is definitely a category where you will find a lot of inspiration!

Loose pants for fall and spring

In addition to loose pants for the summer, in our store there are many offers for the transition period, spring-autumn. Our women's trousers are therefore perfect not only for warm, sunny days, but also for less friendly weather. You will break the cloudy, depressing aura with them in no time, and the colors will help you with that. Therefore, if joyful colors accompany you throughout the year, and not only during the holiday season, our knitted alladyns are a must have in your wardrobe. We also offer Alladyn's denim pants, made of soft and pleasant to the touch denim. You can go for long walks in them, set up for a day trip outside the city, or even a bike ride.

Handmade trousers of Polish designers

Clothes available in Naturally ... Podlasek is original clothing that we design, sew and decorate ourselves. We choose the materials ourselves, refine the details, and then implement our projects. Handmade pants will help you create unconventional, expressive combinations, and will also give you a huge playing field with fashion. Wide trousers are perfect for both casual and more formal outfits. In the wide range of styles, colors and the applied stitching and decorations, you will find linen and knitted alladyns that will emphasize your personality and style.


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