Knitted midi dresses

Among the wide range of products in our online store, we proudly present the newest category - Knitted midi dresses. These unique creations combine the comfort of wearing dresses with hand painting, which adds a unique character to each of them. Our midi dresses are made of high-quality Polish cotton fabric, which guarantees not only a perfect fit to the figure, but also comfort of wearing. This makes these dresses perfect for everyday wear, but also for special occasions. This is an excellent choice for women who value both comfort and original style. Each dress is a unique work of art. Hand painting adds depth and individuality, which means that you will never find two identical pieces. The motifs on the dresses are carefully selected and made by Renata Podlasek, who puts her whole heart into her work. If you are a fan of unique styles, you will definitely like our knitted midi dresses. Here you will find models with asymmetric cuts that emphasize dynamics and modernity, while maintaining elegance. There are also more classic outfits that will certainly be suitable for more formal occasions. To sum up! Our knitted midi dresses are more than just clothing. It's a combination of passion, art and fashion in one. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and experience the unique style offered by hand-painted dresses. If you value originality and want to stand out from the crowd, these dresses are made just for you!


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