Sukienki dzianinowe z kapturem

Knitted dresses are perfect for fall and winter. There are also knitted dresses with a hood. A well-known accessory that can save you on windy or cold days and in sudden weather conditions. With a knitted hooded dress on, nothing will surprise you. You don't have to remember to take an extra hat or scarf from home - a hood is enough! In addition to knitted dresses with a hood, we also offer you knitted dresses with a hood and turtleneck. Classic, autumn styles for various occasions and moments. You will be very comfortable and warm in them. We do not force you to give up the attractive appearance, because we have covered the soft cotton fabric with hand-painted patterns. Flowers, abstract drawings, cities or faces. It is colorful, artistic and extraordinary. Be sure to check out all the knitted dresses with a hood that we have prepared for you!

Knitted dress with a hood - your dress every day

A dress made of cotton jersey fabric with a hood is not a typical dress. Especially when we add our hand-painted decorations. You may wonder where exactly to wear such a knitted dress and what to combine it with. A knitted dress with a hood is primarily your everyday dress. For walks, shopping, playing with a child, lazy evenings at home and in the garden with a book or a glass of wine. It is a dress for trips to the sea, lake and mountains. You can take it to school or university, and in some cases even to work. Whenever you want to feel comfortable, at ease and at the same time feminine. Despite the presence of a hood and a soft, knitted fabric, each of our styles has something special about it. Thanks to this, it quickly turns out that this seemingly "sports" knitted dress with a hood becomes your favorite and most often chosen!

Long and short knitted dresses with a hood

A knitted dress with a hood? Or maybe a knitted dress with a hood and turtleneck? Maxi or mini fashion? In color, or classic black or navy blue? Our knitted dresses with a hood will surprise you with their variety. If you are chilly, choose a warm knit cotton dress that has a turtleneck in addition to the hood. Ladies who like to show off their legs will definitely choose a dress with a hood reaching the knees. On cold days, pantyhose and higher boots such as the Basic 7 boots are enough to avoid any discomfort. Maxi hooded dresses are the favorite choice of women who want to look elegant and dignified regardless of the time. The ankle-length dress is second to none in this case! The hood will be a very interesting addition here, adding notes of mystery. You can choose art jewelery with our knitted hooded dresses, such as string necklaces, as well as a leather purse or backpack. In winter, put on our woolen coat over your shoulders, and replace the uninsulated shoes with winter boots.


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