Naturally... Podlasek

  Shop Naturally ... Podlasek was created from a combination of love for natural fabrics and the desire to create unique things. Our adventure with the handmade products industry began innocent, from a few hand-decorated linen dresses and knitted accessories. At present, the hangers of our Krakow store decorate not only dresses, but a whole range of hand-crafted, made-to-measure ladies' clothing.

  For 30 years we have been able to meet us in Krakow in the Stare Miasto district, on a secluded street near Wiślna near the Krakow plant. In the store Naturally ... Podlasek is waiting for each of you smiling fashion experts ready to advise and help. Over the years, Krakow's female artists and actresses have valued originality and unique style. We can boast of respect and popularity among a diverse environment, exceptional individuals and Krakow's bohemia. We design and create unique dresses, tunics, shoes, coats, accessories and jewelery.

Naturally ... Podlasek is a brand where everyone will find something for themselves. We are characterized by unique designs, originality and attention to every detail. Our collections are rich in color, from magnetizing turquoise shades to beige natural tones. Handmade from Naturally Podlasek are products for you, if you are interested in the original style and you want to emphasize your personality!

   Our goal is to meet the expectations of our supporters and create a timeless style that will never pass away. Naturally, Podlasek is Polish products, local creators and natural materials!

Renata i Grzegorz Podlasek