Women's dungarees

In the Naturally Podlasek online store, you will find women's dungarees that you will fall in love with from the very first moment. Extraordinary and unique. Only from natural fabrics. In our offer you will find both dungarees and bib dresses that you will not find anywhere else. Because we make them ourselves and are only available in our store. As a result, we can also sew custom-made dungarees for you. Adjust them to your figure and even paint them according to your idea. You absolutely must have them. We guarantee comfort and high quality of women's dungarees sewn by us.

Women's dungarees.

Unique dungarees made of denim and linen. Fancy and unique. A new dimension of Alladyn's trousers, which we have transformed into dungarees with lowered crotch. Rich colors and hand-painted decorations will distinguish you and emphasize your artistic soul. You can match the linen dungarees and denim dungarees available in our store to any loose styling. It is an excellent everyday choice that you can wear both for a walk and an evening with friends. We highly recommend it.

Women's dungarees dresses.

The dungarees available at npstyle.pl are genuine handmade. These are bib dresses for girls of all ages. Universal sizes of dungarees allow you to adjust them to any figure and any height. And if you don't find the size you want, we will sew a tailor-made dress especially for you. Our offer includes denim dungarees, linen dungarees and patchwork dungarees. All original and in an artistic style. Hand painted, decorated with sewn flowers. Simply dungarees, in which you can feel the Krakow style and its spirit.



  • Dungarees dresses

    Are you looking for an original everyday dress that will take your years and guarantee the highest wearing comfort? It will be our linen gardener for women. A dress that many of us wore in our childhood or teenage years and can do it now without any obstacles! If you love colorful, artistic clothing with an original look and design that immediately catches the eye, you will also instantly love our dungarees. We have prepared linen dungarees for many different occasions, such as walks, meetings with friends, trips. You can choose between different colors, styles and hand-painted applications. Also remember about the possibility of placing an individual order. We will make a personalized, tailored lady's linen dungarees for you!

    Women's linen dungarees - dresses unlike any other

    If we were to indicate one of the most original women's dresses, it would be without a doubt the linen dungarees. Unusual dresses with suspenders, which, like no other, remind us of the joyful, carefree years of youth. The long and short dungarees that you will find in our store will surprise you in many respects. Made of natural, biodegradable and breathable fabric, they will allow you to feel fully comfortable even when the heat is just pouring down from the sky. Our linen dungarees for women are also available in many colors. Thanks to this, you can easily find the perfect dress for the occasion. Hand-painted decorations covering each piece of canvas guarantee their 100% uniqueness and uniqueness. They are the reasons why our linen dungarees immediately distinguish each owner from the crowd. However, this is not the end. We have also enriched them with additional elements, such as pockets and cuffs to adjust the width. The joy of wearing linen dungarees is even greater!

    Linen dungarees for everyday styling

    How to wear a linen dungarees dress? This is the question you will most likely ask yourself when choosing your first dress of this type. Dungarees are, above all, perfect casual dresses. In everyday stylizations, you can wear them to meetings with friends, joint trips, city trips or to nature. They will also be very convenient for shopping and walking with your baby. Despite their original, free cut, linen dungarees in many cases are also suitable for work or university styling. If you are looking for a linen dungarees in a more elegant edition, it will include long green or black gardener dress with hand-painted flowers. Match it with leather sandals, a string necklace and a matching T-shirt with sleeves ¾, and then inspire your colleagues from work or studies with a unique styling! For a coffee with a friend, you can wear a linen midi dungarees. Combine it with tall boots and a plain, colorful long-sleeved blouse. This way you will emphasize your beautiful, peculiar style!

  • Dungarees trousers

    Are you dreaming of incredibly comfortable, airy and natural summer pants? So women's linen dungarees are exactly what you are looking for. Especially when you are not afraid to wear unusual, different clothes. Because linen dungarees are definitely not traditional items of clothing! As always, our projects will delight you with their styles, colors, hand-painted decorations and individual accessories. We want you to feel special in them, to be able to express your personality and emphasize your unique style. For this reason, we take care of every detail, the highest quality of used materials and unique solutions. If you don't have a pair of linen dungarees yet, this is the perfect time to complete your wardrobe with them!

    Women's linen dungarees - comfort, style, originality

    Our linen dungarees are one of those garments that quickly catch your eye. As a rule, they also arouse considerable interest. All thanks to their original cut, colorful colors and original, hand-painted applications. Juicy green, energetic red, soothing navy blue, natural beige - these are one of the favorite shades of our clients. Thanks to floral, abstract and geometric ornaments made by hand, each pair of dungarees has gained its own unique character. If we add a drop crotch, additional pockets, cuffs on the legs and long suspenders, we get incredibly comfortable everyday pants. In any case, thanks to numerous amenities, you can adjust them even better to your figure and style. If you prefer looser, bolder styles, you should be interested in our dungarees with a clearly drop crotch. An alternative to Alladyn's dungarees will be classic linen dungarees that will suit every woman. Provided, of course, that he likes to stand out!

    How to wear linen dungarees for women?

    In the category of dungarees, you will find, above all, some of the most comfortable cuts for the summer. Extremely airy, non-tightening on the body and non-constraining movements will make you feel fresh and incredibly comfortable in them. Even on record hot days! In everyday summer stylizations, combine women's linen dungarees with a classic T-shirt, sandals or flip-flops. If you also wear dungarees in fall and early spring, replace the T-shirt with a plain long sleeve and sandals with trappers or shoes. You can put our linen sweatshirt on top. Linen dungarees are perfect for all everyday outings. For shopping, meeting friends, barbecuing, going to the cinema, for a walk or a trip. You'll like wearing them to college as well, especially on days when you spend many hours there. Linen dungarees should become the basic element of your styling at any time when comfort is especially important to you. These are pants that will always provide you with the highest wearing comfort. And what is important - they will not force you to give up your extraordinary style and dress what really emphasizes your personality.

  • Linen dungarees

    Linen Overalls – Dresses and Pants for Spring and Summer

    Summer is the time of year when clothes made from natural fabrics, such as linen, take an honorable place in every wardrobe. If you already have linen pants, linen shirts, linen blouses, maybe it's a good time for women's linen overalls? Linen overall dresses and overall pants will be a perfect choice if your wardrobe needs a breath of fresh air, and you like to stand out and are a woman with her own, extraordinary style. Hidden in our store under the name "linen overalls", hand-painted linen pants and overall dresses are clothes you will fall in love with at first sight. After trying them on, you will definitely not want to part with them!

    Linen Overall Midi and Maxi Dresses

    A linen overall dress is a way to a girlish, delicate look, regardless of age. If you want to subtract years, it's one of the completely non-invasive methods to do it! Linen overall dresses are primarily associated with carefreeness. Idyllic holidays spent in the countryside or in the garden, long sunny days and pleasant, warm evenings on the porch. Our multi-colored, hand-painted models fit perfectly into such scenery. However, this does not mean that they will not fit into the city style! In a overall dress, you can go shopping, walk the dog, a casual meeting with friends, or a full-day sightseeing trip. Linen, as a natural fabric, will make you feel extremely comfortable, fresh and crisp even on the hottest days, which may not encourage you to leave the house. In our offer are waiting for you both midi and maxi overall linen dresses. All with comfortable, spacious pockets and drawstrings inserted from the bottom for adjustment. Thanks to their expressive colors and hand-painting, you don't need much to look perfect in them. A simple, smooth top or T-shirt will suffice!

    Linen Overall Pants – Casual Dungarees

    Maybe you are not looking for a midi or maxi overall linen dress, but linen overall pants for the summer interest you much more? Original, casual pants, just right for holiday work in the garden, a picnic in the park, an afternoon walk, or a trip with a child to the playground. Perfect wherever you need or want to feel comfortable. Women's linen overall pants are a very unique type of pants, thanks to not only the presence of straps and pockets, but also a low crotch and cuffs on the legs. In this aspect, they may remind you a little of harem pants. Linen overall pants, due to their character and style, are a way to achieve an interesting styling in literally a few moments! Because what you need for them is usually limited to a smooth blouse, top or T-shirt and... shoes. Thanks to our hand-painted decorations, you do not have to overdo it with matching rich jewelry to the overalls or combine them with other patterns, structures. Let juicy, summer colors and expressive paintings play first fiddle!

  • Knitted dungarees

    Knitted Dungarees - Dresses and Trousers for Cooler Days

    Are you looking for the perfect dungarees for slightly cooler days? During the autumn-winter season, your attention should primarily focus on knitted dungarees, an alternative to linen models that dominate in summer. In our offer, knitted dungarees are both a rich and varied choice of trousers, as well as dress straps. The clothes available here will definitely surprise you, as each pair of knitted dungarees is covered with unique, hand-painted decorations – flowers, animals, houses, faces, abstract patterns and more. Thanks to them, this seemingly ordinary, informal wardrobe item begins to look truly extraordinary and unique!

    Knitted Dungarees - Where to Wear Strapped Dresses and Trousers?

    Knitted dungarees, sewn from warm, pleasant to touch knitted cotton, are a clothing proposal for autumn and winter. Although women's dungarees are usually associated with the summer, holiday season, our offer allows for more. If you are a real fan of dungaree dresses or trousers, knitted styles will steal your heart right away! It's no secret that dungarees are mainly informal, everyday clothes. This is actually their advantage, as “ordinary” occasions usually occur more often in our lives than those extraordinary, unusual ones. This means that knitted dungaree trousers and dungaree dresses can accompany you during many outings. On a walk, shopping, university classes, a trip, a quick coffee with a friend, on the way to pick up the child from kindergarten, and even during early autumn garden work. Dress in them whenever you want to enjoy comfort and warmth, while standing out from the crowd a bit and emphasizing your amazing style! Also remember that knitted dungaree dresses are waiting for you in midi and maxi versions. Thanks to this, you will be able to perfectly match them to the occasion and individual preferences!

    Knitted Dungarees - What will the Strapped Dresses and Trousers Match With? 

    Is styling knitted dungarees difficult? Fortunately not! It's actually... ridiculously simple. Their covered, full style fastened with straps means that you really only need two additional elements: a shirt, blouse or shirt underneath and shoes. Of course, for dungarees worn on cooler days, you will also need something on top. A sweatshirt, jacket or coat, depending on the weather. However, our knitted dungaree trousers and dresses are so distinctive, unique, that additional wardrobe items do not have to be overly sophisticated. However, if you are not afraid of colors and patterns, you can confidently combine knitted dungarees with our other natural, hand-painted clothing proposals. We guarantee that such a set will distinguish you on the street every gloomy, autumn or winter day, making it a little more joyful and pleasant!

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