Knitted dungarees

Knitted Dungarees - Dresses and Trousers for Cooler Days

Are you looking for the perfect dungarees for slightly cooler days? During the autumn-winter season, your attention should primarily focus on knitted dungarees, an alternative to linen models that dominate in summer. In our offer, knitted dungarees are both a rich and varied choice of trousers, as well as dress straps. The clothes available here will definitely surprise you, as each pair of knitted dungarees is covered with unique, hand-painted decorations – flowers, animals, houses, faces, abstract patterns and more. Thanks to them, this seemingly ordinary, informal wardrobe item begins to look truly extraordinary and unique!

Knitted Dungarees - Where to Wear Strapped Dresses and Trousers?

Knitted dungarees, sewn from warm, pleasant to touch knitted cotton, are a clothing proposal for autumn and winter. Although women's dungarees are usually associated with the summer, holiday season, our offer allows for more. If you are a real fan of dungaree dresses or trousers, knitted styles will steal your heart right away! It's no secret that dungarees are mainly informal, everyday clothes. This is actually their advantage, as “ordinary” occasions usually occur more often in our lives than those extraordinary, unusual ones. This means that knitted dungaree trousers and dungaree dresses can accompany you during many outings. On a walk, shopping, university classes, a trip, a quick coffee with a friend, on the way to pick up the child from kindergarten, and even during early autumn garden work. Dress in them whenever you want to enjoy comfort and warmth, while standing out from the crowd a bit and emphasizing your amazing style! Also remember that knitted dungaree dresses are waiting for you in midi and maxi versions. Thanks to this, you will be able to perfectly match them to the occasion and individual preferences!

Knitted Dungarees - What will the Strapped Dresses and Trousers Match With? 

Is styling knitted dungarees difficult? Fortunately not! It's actually... ridiculously simple. Their covered, full style fastened with straps means that you really only need two additional elements: a shirt, blouse or shirt underneath and shoes. Of course, for dungarees worn on cooler days, you will also need something on top. A sweatshirt, jacket or coat, depending on the weather. However, our knitted dungaree trousers and dresses are so distinctive, unique, that additional wardrobe items do not have to be overly sophisticated. However, if you are not afraid of colors and patterns, you can confidently combine knitted dungarees with our other natural, hand-painted clothing proposals. We guarantee that such a set will distinguish you on the street every gloomy, autumn or winter day, making it a little more joyful and pleasant!


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