Linen shawls

Accessories play a huge role in women's attire. Small, subtle accents of great importance. It is thanks to them that your stylization takes on character and expression. It becomes elegant, evening, or on the contrary, urban and casual. Our proposition in this area includes extraordinary, original linen scarves for creative, artistic souls who boldly and willingly experiment with fashion. These are beautiful hand-painted scarves, decorated with a brush, as well as knitted shawls. Each one is made of natural, soft-touch materials that provide a pleasant wrap.

Our linen shawls are absolutely amazing. We have transformed them into multifunctional garments that, depending on your imagination and preferences, you can impose on yourself in thousands of ways. You can wear them traditionally or create different combinations, discovering your linen scarf anew every day! You can arrange a bolero, a cape, or an original, additional cover for a sweater or blouse, and then tie it with a decorative belt. It is also perfect as a dress shawl, covering your shoulders on cooler days. The enormity of the possibilities is due to the special cut of linen shawls, with asymmetrical ends that allow you to tie them. Thanks to this, we have created an original proposal from a classic element of women's wardrobe that will change every stylization!


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