Sukienki z dzianiny krótkie

Short knee-length dresses made of cotton knitwear are another of our universal and timeless proposals. For short and tall women who wear size S and also XXL. For those who like to stand out, and at the same time value comfort. We have created short knitted dresses for colder days when your body needs a pleasant wrap. Our soft, non-chewing and stretch-resistant fabrics are safe and skin-friendly. They do not cause irritation or allergies, and at the same time provide a feeling of freshness. They are cotton knitwear, as well as a mixture of viscose, wool and elastane. If your wardrobe lacks warmer clothes for the fall / winter season, a knitted short dress will become a great alternative to a sweater and pants!

Short knitted dresses - choose your favorite

Our offer includes unique, soft and warm dresses made of cotton knitted fabrics in many versions. We do not mean only the full sizes from S to XXL, or many colors and hand-painted decorations, but also styles. These are, in particular, short, oversize knitted dresses with a free cut that do not pinch up on the body and do not restrict movement. If you love comfort or do not feel well in clothes that strongly emphasize the figure, you already know what to choose. The collection of mini knitted dresses is complemented by short knitted dresses with a hood and turtleneck. Thanks to these additives, wind and cold should not be terrible to you. Even if you forget to bring a hat or a scarf in the morning. We always sew for women who don't like to go unnoticed. That is why we can offer you a short dress made of asymmetrical knit. In our knitted dresses, apart from the hood or turtleneck, you will also find small amenities and surprises, such as pockets or drawstrings for adjusting the width at the bottom. Decide for yourself what shape you will give it!

With what and where to wear short knitted dresses?

Dresses made of knitted cotton knee-length are an extremely comfortable and practical cut that will work both at work and on the playground with a child. Our warm, soft, knitted short dresses will also accompany you on walks, shopping and trips with your loved ones. They are also perfect for home styling, without forcing you to give up comfort and a feminine, well-groomed appearance. At the beginning of autumn, you can wear them with bare feet, and on cooler days, combine them with black or colored tights. In addition, Basic 5 and 7 boots, low shoes or sneakers. For the top, we recommend our transitional outerwear or winter coats. If you want to style a short knitted dress elegantly, reach for expressive artistic jewelry and boots. You can put a decorative scarf on your shoulders. Despite the fact that our dresses are made of cotton, sweatshirt knit, thanks to hand-painted, unique drawings, they have not lost their nobility and uniqueness.


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