Dungarees dresses

Are you looking for an original everyday dress that will take your years and guarantee the highest wearing comfort? It will be our linen gardener for women. A dress that many of us wore in our childhood or teenage years and can do it now without any obstacles! If you love colorful, artistic clothing with an original look and design that immediately catches the eye, you will also instantly love our dungarees. We have prepared linen dungarees for many different occasions, such as walks, meetings with friends, trips. You can choose between different colors, styles and hand-painted applications. Also remember about the possibility of placing an individual order. We will make a personalized, tailored lady's linen dungarees for you!

Women's linen dungarees - dresses unlike any other

If we were to indicate one of the most original women's dresses, it would be without a doubt the linen dungarees. Unusual dresses with suspenders, which, like no other, remind us of the joyful, carefree years of youth. The long and short dungarees that you will find in our store will surprise you in many respects. Made of natural, biodegradable and breathable fabric, they will allow you to feel fully comfortable even when the heat is just pouring down from the sky. Our linen dungarees for women are also available in many colors. Thanks to this, you can easily find the perfect dress for the occasion. Hand-painted decorations covering each piece of canvas guarantee their 100% uniqueness and uniqueness. They are the reasons why our linen dungarees immediately distinguish each owner from the crowd. However, this is not the end. We have also enriched them with additional elements, such as pockets and cuffs to adjust the width. The joy of wearing linen dungarees is even greater!

Linen dungarees for everyday styling

How to wear a linen dungarees dress? This is the question you will most likely ask yourself when choosing your first dress of this type. Dungarees are, above all, perfect casual dresses. In everyday stylizations, you can wear them to meetings with friends, joint trips, city trips or to nature. They will also be very convenient for shopping and walking with your baby. Despite their original, free cut, linen dungarees in many cases are also suitable for work or university styling. If you are looking for a linen dungarees in a more elegant edition, it will include long green or black gardener dress with hand-painted flowers. Match it with leather sandals, a string necklace and a matching T-shirt with sleeves ¾, and then inspire your colleagues from work or studies with a unique styling! For a coffee with a friend, you can wear a linen midi dungarees. Combine it with tall boots and a plain, colorful long-sleeved blouse. This way you will emphasize your beautiful, peculiar style!


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