Questions about buying, selling:

Does Naturally Podlasek have a stationary store?

Naturally Podlasek has a stationary store in Krakow at 9 Wiślna Street. Our store has been operating since 1990 and has gained recognition among many customers from around the world.

Can the products ordered in the online store be picked up in a stationary store?

Yes, but please contact us in advance. Some of the clothes available in the online store are sewn after placing the order. We usually do this for 2 to 4 days. Therefore, in order to avoid a lack of a product in the store on Wiślna street, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Can I pay for the ordered products on the website in a stationary store?

Yes, upon receipt of the order, you can pay in cash, by phone or by credit card.

Can I try on clothes in a stationary store, ordered via the website?

Yes, we have many fitting rooms in our stationary store and you can try on the ordered product freely.

How long do I have to wait for the shipment after placing an order in the online store?

We try to send packages within 2 days of placing the order. Sometimes we have to sew and paint a given product by hand, then the maximum time is extended to 4 days. You will find the waiting time on the website for each product or size.

Tailored clothes in the Naturally Podlasek store:

Can I order a custom-made blouse, dress, coat, or jacket in the Naturally Podlasek store?

Yes, our studio carries out unusual orders. We can sew according to customer's dimensions. What's more, if for a given size or product you can see 2 to 4 days, and in the description a certain size does not fit you one hundred percent. Contact us! We will sew a given product especially for you.

Can I order a hand-painted dress or a blouse with a pattern according to my own idea?

Yes, as long as we are able to meet the challenge. Please call us in advance: +48 12 373 5310.

Can you paint the pattern on my blouse or jacket and what will the price be?

Yes, we can paint your clothes. We set the price and time for the service individually. Please contact us.

Information on the origin of the products:

Where are the clothes, handbags and shoes available in your store produced?

All available products in our store are made in Poland. We make most of the clothes ourselves in our local workshops under the NP brand. Handbags, shoes, and artistic jewelry are handcrafted by local artists and craftsmen from Krakow.

What are the products in the Naturally Podlasek store made of?

All things are made of the highest quality fabrics produced and available in Polish factories and wholesalers.

Are your clothes and accessories sewn in single pieces?

Most of our clothes are artistic clothes created by artists and designers. Hand painting, embroidery and felted clothes are single and unique patterns that distinguish us from the competition.

Information on shipping in Poland and abroad:

Do you send by courier or to a parcel locker?

When ordering in our store, you can choose both shipping by courier and shipping to the parcel locker indicated when placing the order. We work with FedEx and InPost courier companies. If you want to ship by Polish Post, please contact us.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we ship to most countries in the world.


Can I sell my products on your internet portal

Yes, it is possible. Please contact us to discuss our cooperation.

Are you a producer and can I have your stuff in my store?

Yes, we are designers and producers of clothing under the NP brand. If you want to sell our stuff, please contact us.