Handmade art jewelry

Handmade artistic jewelry

Artistic jewelry will be the perfect finish for a woman's styling. Jewelry that is original and extraordinary. It is the handwork of local artists and Polish designers. Artists whose passion is to create unique and exceptional jewelry. Real handicraft. In our store you will find hand-painted pendants that hide beautiful pictures of nature. Painted flowers, trees flooded with resin along with chains or strings create artistic necklaces that will match many styles. Our offer also includes hand-made necklaces with natural stones. Necklaces, which are connected and braided with linen strings, create a beautiful artistic handicraft. Each necklace braided from strings will delight you with its unique, fantastic look and the highest quality.

Handmade necklaces - jewelry in an extraordinary style

Necklaces with corals or necklaces with amber perfectly match clothes made of natural fabrics. Will not a hand-painted linen dress look beautiful with a linen necklace adorned with colorful turquoise? Don't wait! Buy now, unique artistic jewelery and feel the closeness of nature. From now on, you will be able to surround yourself with it every day. And if you are looking for a gift, wanting to give a special gift for a loved one. These hand-made designs available in our store, such as: original necklaces for a dress and unique artistic earrings will delight every woman.

Linen string jewelry - perfect necklaces for the dress

Discover the original, expressive and artistic necklaces made of linen and cotton strings. This is original jewelry, made from scratch by hand. Decorative ceramic clay beads are strung on the strings dyed in warm shades. Each of the beads has also been gently brushed with gold or silver paint. Thanks to this, the string necklaces gained shine and an elegant, slightly sensual character. Exactly what women like best. So if you are looking for extraordinary handmade necklaces that you will not find anywhere else, we probably already know what you need! String necklaces with ceramics emphasize our linen dresses, blouses and tunics beautifully. They also look great with airy, sophisticated boho-style outfits. You can wear them every day, to work or a meeting with a friend, and match them with a dress for a party, dinner or going to the theater. In our offer you will find both standard necklaces made of linen thread and long necklaces made of strings. Green, burgundy, red and many others. Not sure what to choose? Contact us. Our expertise in styling will help you choose the right product. We will show you how to perfectly match the linen necklace with the dress. We invite you!



  • Women's necklaces

    In our Naturalnie Podlasek store, we offer a wide selection of original handmade necklaces in many interesting patterns and colors. You will find linen necklaces, cotton string necklaces, handmade necklaces combined with ceramics, copper and brass necklaces, as well as necklaces made of alpaca or new silver. All necklaces are characterized by hand-made, high quality and modern design. Necklaces are not only beautiful, but also practical. They match a variety of dressing styles, from casual to more elegant. Linen necklaces will look beautiful with linen dresses, string necklaces can be worn with knitted blouses, while copper or brass necklaces will be a great addition to any outfit. Our necklaces are a great accessory for every woman, thanks to which you will always look fashionable and stylish.

  • Bracelets

    Bracelets are a stylish accessory that will greatly enrich any wardrobe. Handmade bracelets are special and unique - unique - they will help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking for a subtle and delicate design or crazy and flashy, there are bracelets that will meet your expectations. Choose from bracelets made of copper, brass or alpaca (new silver) - each of them is unique and beautifully finished. These unique bracelets are the perfect combination of style, fashion and comfort. They will be perfect to wear every day, both on a daily basis and for special occasions.

  • Rings

    Naturally, Podlasek among artistic jewelery also offers a wide selection of rings with a unique look. Rings in both traditional and modern materials, such as new silver. We offer handmade rings made of copper sheet, alpaca, brass and other materials. For people who like unconventional, unique designs, we offer handmade rings that are 100% handmade. Our extensive collection of rings, with different styles and designs, allows you to choose the perfect ring that will perfectly reflect the personality and taste of the wearer.

  • Neck warmers and mittens

    Welcome to the world of artistic jewelry, where every piece is a testament to creativity and refined taste. We are delighted to present our latest subcategory – "Earrings", combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern design. Our earrings are not just accessories, but works of art that captivate with their unique aesthetics and quality craftsmanship. Each pair of our earrings is unique, created with a passion for art and a love for beauty. We use traditional forging methods to shape copper, alpaca (also known as new silver), and brass. These carefully selected materials ensure durability and extraordinary aesthetics, giving each pair of earrings a unique character. Our earrings are adorned with fine gemstones and semi-precious stones, adding mystery and depth. Amber, known for its warm, golden hues, evokes memories of summer sunsets. Turquoise, with its enchanting blue shade, reminds us of the exotic waters of oceans. Each stone is carefully chosen and set to perfectly complement the metal, creating a harmonious whole. Our earrings are not only beautiful but also comfortable to wear. We ensure that each pair is lightweight and does not cause discomfort, even after many hours of wearing. At the same time, their sturdy construction means they will be a cherished accessory for many years.

    In our store, everyone will find something to suit their taste. Whether you prefer subtle, delicate designs or seek something more extravagant and noticeable, our collection of earrings will meet your expectations. They are perfect for any occasion, from everyday wear to special events.

    We invite you to discover our collection of earrings – true masterpieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design, creating jewelry that not only adorns but also inspires.

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