Custom-made shoes - colors

Handmade leather shoes - your own individual pair in your favorite color

Are you looking for handmade shoes for spring, summer, autumn or maybe winter? Do you care that they are not only comfortable, ideally suited to your foot, but also original? The ones that you won't spot after a while on the street or among your friends? You can have a pair like this! Hand-sewn shoes to order, which we will prepare especially for you! All you need to do is give us the length of your foot or the inner insole, select the appropriate model and choose the color and type of leather that stole your heart. And you can get acquainted with all the materials available in our store right here, in the template below. You will find high-quality natural leathers such as nubuck and grain leather in many color variations to choose from. Shoes in pink, red, yellow, orange, green? Or maybe in black, brown, beige, graphite or gray? For those who like to stand out and those who prefer timeless classics. In our pattern book, juicy and deep colors, as well as gentle, pastel colors are waiting for you. Plain, worn and patterned. The skins proposed here are only available while stocks last, which means that you can expect new proposals over time. So if a pattern or color catches your eye now, we do not advise you to delay making a decision! The waiting time for hand-sewn shoes is from 7 to 14 days, so the sooner you choose shoes for yourself, the sooner you will have them. And natural leather shoes are the most comfortable, faithful and most enduring companions for many years!

Hand-sewn leather shoes for all seasons for men and women

By choosing custom-made handmade leather shoes, you eliminate the risk of choosing too small or too large a pair. If the purchase of footwear is usually difficult for you, we will prepare hand-sewn shoes for you that will perfectly fit the shape of your foot. Also due to the fact that we do not sew them on the model, thanks to which they better and easier adapt to their new owner. In our offer you will find models for every season. For women and men. For the transitional period, i.e. spring and summer, we recommend mainly BASIC 2 shoes, VAGABOND shoes, BASIC 2 and 7 boots and moccasins. However, if you are looking for summer shoes, we have women's leather sandals for you that will suit any holiday styling. In winter, you can reach for hand-sewn shoes with insulation or COCKNEY shoes - the highest model in our store. Now it's time to choose your favorite color from the color chart available here and let us take care of the rest! Handmade leather shoes guarantee the highest comfort and wearing comfort. It is also 100% original footwear, created especially for you. In your size and your favorite variant and color. Each model from our assortment is also universal, so you will wear your pair not only on holidays. Remember that shoes, boots, VAGABOND shoes or sandals go well with elegant dresses, shirts, jackets, as well as casual t-shirts, blouses and sweaters from our offer!


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