Short oversize dresses

If you are interested in our short oversize dresses made of linen, it is a sign that, first of all, you are at ease with fashion trends. Second: you value comfort and naturalness on a daily basis. And thirdly: you are looking for an extraordinary, summer dress in which you will be able to arouse admiration and recognition on various occasions. A short oversize dress is undoubtedly the cut that will give you great opportunities and will be useful during many outings, both "big" and everyday ones. Our online store offers not only short oversized dresses, but most of all hand-painted linen dresses in many colors and patterns. These are dresses that will surprise you with their original look and additional functionalities, which we love to enrich our clothes with.

Short oversized dresses with strings

When the topic of oversize cuts comes up, including short oversized dresses, many women are concerned that looser dresses will also fit their figure. Fortunately, this problem does not apply to our oversize linen dresses, because we have equipped them with additional strings, thanks to which you can adjust their width and even better fit them to your figure. They are located in the sleeves, around the waist and on the bottom, which guarantees great opportunities! Our oversized linen short dresses will therefore be suitable for both slim and fluffy women who wear larger sizes. Your height is also irrelevant, because short oversized dresses are very versatile. They will look good both on short and tall women. Remember that in case of doubt, you can always choose an oversize linen dress made to order.

Short oversize dresses - one dress, many possibilities

The oversize cut has become so popular and fashionable now that a short oversize dress can help you create many styles. It will serve you both on a daily basis and on more solemn occasions. Oversized linen dresses available in our store are decorated with original, hand-painted patterns. Patterns that, combined with the beautiful, juicy colors of linen, give the dresses a unique and exceptional character. Our dresses are hand painted with flowers, incl. poppies, roses or sunflowers will be suitable for events such as a wedding, birthday or a romantic dinner. Short oversize dresses with hand-painted profiles of female faces and animals will create a great outfit for a walk, meeting with friends or a weekend getaway. A looser cut will not restrict your movements, guaranteeing maximum comfort and freedom throughout the day. In our short linen dresses you can look attractive and feminine even when you leave the house in a hurry and do not have time to think about what to wear!


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