Summer dresses

Naturally Podlasek is a linen store in Krakow and a manufacturer that has been famous for 30 years for promoting clothes made of natural fabrics and timeless patterns of dresses created by Polish artists and designers. Linen dresses available in our store are rich in colors and patterns that will delight many artistic souls with their originality and style. Your wardrobe must have unique linen dresses with the NP brand, which will be perfect for everyday use and for big events. Hand painting and fancy decorations are our specialty. Our hand-painted linen dresses have won recognition among many clients in Poland and around the world. These are real works of art, images transferred to the fabric. For women who like loose and non-tight cuts, we offer large oversize dresses that will make you feel very comfortable and comfortable at every occasion. For hot and hot days, our offer includes airy viscose dresses in which an admixture of silk will make you feel a cool touch on your skin. For special occasions, we offer long, tailored dresses that will emphasize your femininity and hand-painted flowers will complement its unique character. Or maybe you like cotton? Our offer includes asymmetrical cotton dresses, in which you can freely adjust their length and shape by means of various types of hooks and strings sewn in. We make our patterns in Poland and the fabrics we use are the highest quality natural materials. And caring for the environment, we use materials down to the last scrap, creating unique and colorful patchwork dresses. It is also worth remembering about the unique properties of natural fabrics. They are antibacterial, anti-allergic, and the linen fabric is also a natural UV filter. We invite you to buy single and unique dresses that will distinguish you among the classics.


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