Men's linen shirts

Men's linen shirts

A men's shirt does not always have to be associated with a suit or an official occasion. Linen shirts available in the Naturally Podlasek store are full of play and freedom. Our ribbons, sewn by the artist Ewa Dunikowska, are shirts with a stand-up collar that will work in any situation. Classic, universal colors such as white, black, navy blue, blue and gray will allow you to wear them not only for special occasions, but also every day, in less formal styles. These are linen shirts, whose casual cut and style will be perfect for both work and weekend trips. And remember! The shirts are made of the highest quality Polish linen, which is antiallergic, natural UV filter and, importantly, completely biodegradable.

Men's linen shirt, or how to stop being afraid of hot weather

You may not be aware of it yet, but a men's linen shirt is a piece of clothing that will be useful in your wardrobe in spring, and especially in summer, like no other. Natural, breathable and skin-friendly material combined with a loose cut will completely change your attitude towards shirts. From now on, wearing them will become a real pleasure, and exceptionally hot, sunny days will not seem so scary and tiring. The freer cut of the sleeves will allow you to easily roll them into a shorter form, thanks to which you will provide yourself with even more comfort. Of course, if you want, you can wear your linen shirt with a stand-up collar also on colder days, under a sweater or jacket.

Linen shirt with a stand-up collar in men's stylizations

Are you wondering what to combine one of our linen shirts with? We suggest that you create the perfect duo of linen with… linen! Choose one of our loose linen trousers and enjoy comfort and freshness during each holiday trip. In addition, the linen blouse shirt goes well with classic jeans or fabric trousers. It looks great with sandals, leather flip-flops and moccasins. On the other hand, each men's linen shirt is so casual and casual that you can also try to combine it with footwear with a sporty cut. We invite you to shop online!


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