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Hand-made women's linen blouses and linen sweaters available in the Naturally Podlasek store are real handicrafts. These are original models of Grzegorz and Renata Podlasek and local craftsmen. All linen blouses are made using traditional methods on a manual knitting machine, and the highest-quality linen and cotton yarns used will make them an indispensable element of your wardrobe. The uniqueness of styles and rich colors will take you to a fabulous world that will stimulate your creativity. You decide if you want an asymmetrical sweater with a shawl or a loose cardigan. It all depends on how you put it on, tie it up or tie it up. Or maybe a linen sweater that will decorate your hand-painted linen dress? The number of colors will allow you to match our linen sweaters to most of the clothes you have. Our offer also includes matching blouses with wide sleeves, which can be modeled in many ways. Blouses with elongated corners, which by tying them change their shape and length, and original short linen blouses matching leggings. And asymmetrical blouses with fancy decorations will seduce each of you. You should also add the advantages of linen knit, the blouses of which do not require ironing and will be perfect for traveling. Other advantages of linen knitted fabrics that are worth remembering are the antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. That is why hand-made blouses made of linen yarn are a natural product in its pure form and by dressing them you will feel in contact with real nature. We invite you.


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