Basic shoes 2

Are you interested in shoes that you will wear for many seasons and in different weather? Here you will find our extremely versatile leather shoes, Basic 2 model, in both women's and men's versions. They are perfect for the spring, summer and early autumn periods, so they will appeal to everyone looking for practical, durable and comfortable footwear that will stay with them for much longer. Each of the spring shoes available here is a product made by hand from start to finish, offered in many colors to choose from and laced with an elegant and original thong.

Leather shoes for men and women

Basic 2 are available both as women's leather shoes and men's shoes. These are comfortable shoes of the highest quality, made of natural leather with high durability and softness. Thanks to this, we guarantee that after putting them on your foot, you will feel great pleasure and joy from a well-made choice. Leather shoes will be with you during various situations, trips, walks and long journeys. You can cover many kilometers in them with a feeling of constant comfort and satisfaction. Both high-quality leather and a special Styrogum sole are responsible for the extraordinary comfort while wearing them. It provides good adhesion and, at the same time, remains abrasion-resistant. At Naturally… Podlasek, we create products that are to serve their owners for years. This is the case with hand-sewn shoes laced with a thong, intended for use almost all year round.

Handmade shoes - original, unique and full of colors

Leather shoes from our offer are one of a kind. Why? Because these shoes are made entirely by hand and in a limited number. Moreover, they are not sewn together on the model, so they fit individually to the shape of each foot. Thanks to this, you can be sure that they will perfectly fit your leg and will not cause discomfort in any place! The originality of our shoes is also due to the various colors in which they were finished. If you like to stand out from the crowd, we have juicy, temperamental and bold colors for you, such as yellow or pink. For those who prefer the classics, we recommend beautiful browns and grays. In women's leather shoes laced with a thong you can go to work, theater, cinema or meeting friends, combining them with your favorite dresses, skirts or trousers. Men's models are great for everyday wear, as well as for more formal stylizations, for example with a shirt and dark jeans.


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