Dungarees trousers

Are you dreaming of incredibly comfortable, airy and natural summer pants? So women's linen dungarees are exactly what you are looking for. Especially when you are not afraid to wear unusual, different clothes. Because linen dungarees are definitely not traditional items of clothing! As always, our projects will delight you with their styles, colors, hand-painted decorations and individual accessories. We want you to feel special in them, to be able to express your personality and emphasize your unique style. For this reason, we take care of every detail, the highest quality of used materials and unique solutions. If you don't have a pair of linen dungarees yet, this is the perfect time to complete your wardrobe with them!

Women's linen dungarees - comfort, style, originality

Our linen dungarees are one of those garments that quickly catch your eye. As a rule, they also arouse considerable interest. All thanks to their original cut, colorful colors and original, hand-painted applications. Juicy green, energetic red, soothing navy blue, natural beige - these are one of the favorite shades of our clients. Thanks to floral, abstract and geometric ornaments made by hand, each pair of dungarees has gained its own unique character. If we add a drop crotch, additional pockets, cuffs on the legs and long suspenders, we get incredibly comfortable everyday pants. In any case, thanks to numerous amenities, you can adjust them even better to your figure and style. If you prefer looser, bolder styles, you should be interested in our dungarees with a clearly drop crotch. An alternative to Alladyn's dungarees will be classic linen dungarees that will suit every woman. Provided, of course, that he likes to stand out!

How to wear linen dungarees for women?

In the category of dungarees, you will find, above all, some of the most comfortable cuts for the summer. Extremely airy, non-tightening on the body and non-constraining movements will make you feel fresh and incredibly comfortable in them. Even on record hot days! In everyday summer stylizations, combine women's linen dungarees with a classic T-shirt, sandals or flip-flops. If you also wear dungarees in fall and early spring, replace the T-shirt with a plain long sleeve and sandals with trappers or shoes. You can put our linen sweatshirt on top. Linen dungarees are perfect for all everyday outings. For shopping, meeting friends, barbecuing, going to the cinema, for a walk or a trip. You'll like wearing them to college as well, especially on days when you spend many hours there. Linen dungarees should become the basic element of your styling at any time when comfort is especially important to you. These are pants that will always provide you with the highest wearing comfort. And what is important - they will not force you to give up your extraordinary style and dress what really emphasizes your personality.


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