Long dresses

Long dresses are dresses in which you can look elegant, feminine and sensual regardless of the situation. And without any great, special effort. Their style does all the job here! In our online store, we have prepared for you long summer dresses made of linen - a wonderful, natural fabric with unique properties that you will appreciate after the first wear. They include hand-painted long dresses, long floral dresses, long dresses with a hood, dresses with straps, as well as oversized or asymmetrical linen maxi dresses. Each of them is perfect for the summer season, so no matter which of the long dresses you choose, you will surely find plenty of opportunities to wear it. And not only during the holiday season, but also in autumn and even winter! It's no secret that maxi dresses are really great to wear at any time of the year!

Long dresses - for weddings and every day

Long dresses are one of the most graceful elements of a woman's wardrobe that allow you to constantly discover yourself anew. Among our linen dresses you will find perfect suggestions for both elegant, ceremonial events and everyday use. Long dresses for a wedding, communion, birthday party, dinner, date, visit to the theater, company banquet. Our linen dresses decorated with hand-painted decorations will distinguish you from the invited guests and immediately attract attention. If the occasion requires it, combine our maxi dress with artistic, hand-made jewelry that will beautifully complete the entire styling and perfectly reflect your extraordinary style. The elegant design of long dresses, however, favors not only equally solemn, solemn moments. Therefore, our offer includes long dresses for everyday use, such as oversize linen dresses, hooded dresses or shirt dresses. Perfect for less obliging outings, work, school and all holiday trips, regardless of whether it will be the sea, lake or mountains. Remember that one maxi dress should always be in your travel suitcase. Our outfits look great right out of the box, even without any accessories, so make some space for them!

Long linen dresses - love the freshness and comfort

Our long dresses will delight you not only with their diverse styles. You will surely love their artistic and unique decorations made entirely by hand. You will also love them for their freshness and comfort, which will allow you to enjoy them all day long, even when the temperatures reach record levels! In a long linen dress you will be able to indulge in all your favorite activities - get involved in the whirlpool of work, meet friends, travel, discover new places, take a walk in the afternoon in the park. Linen allows the skin to breathe and does not cause irritation, so it works even in women with very sensitive skin. The increased wearing comfort is also due to the fact that our long linen dresses are mostly loose cut, which does not stick to the body and does not restrict movement. So if you are looking for the perfect summer dress that will be ready to follow your plans, be sure to give long summer dresses made of linen a chance. See that they are second to none!


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