Sukienki dzianinowe z golfem

Due to the fact that our knitted dresses are typical autumn and winter proposals, there were also dresses with turtleneck. If you are bored of combining turtleneck with jeans, it's time for a knitted dress with turtleneck! We are sure you will like it even if you are not very fond of this cut. And all because our turtleneck is not tight, tight around the neck or biting. Just like the whole dress, it is made of nice and soft cotton fabrics, which does not irritate the skin. What's more, it also loosely falls around the neck and décolleté, making it suitable for every woman! This season, you can bring a breath of freshness to your wardrobe with our turtleneck knitted dresses. As always, available in many versions!

Knitted dresses with turtleneck, turtleneck and a hood

Knitted turtleneck dresses with a looser cut are guaranteed comfort. They will also be warm and pleasant for you. Moreover, we have not forgotten about the appearance. Cotton jersey knitwear does not mean that you can wear our dresses for the city, work or meeting with friends. Artistic, hand-painted decorations made each of them unique, exceptional and graceful. Colorful flowers, faces or abstract motifs completely change the way we perceive our clothes. This is why you can wear them in so many ways! Among the offers available here, you will find not only knitted dresses with turtleneck, but also turtleneck and hoodie. Ready to protect both your neck and head from unpleasant gusts of wind. Knitted dresses with a turtleneck are also available in maxi and midi styles. Therefore, they can give your stylization class, airiness and seriousness, or allow you to beautifully display your legs. As always, we give you a choice. We cannot, of course, forget about the pockets or the strings that are inserted into the tunnel at the bottom. Those to adjust the width and shape the baubles! Dresses with a hood in sizes from S to XXL, including dresses made to order, are a permanent element of our offer.

Styling with turtleneck knitted dresses

Knit turtleneck dresses are dresses made of soft cotton or a mixture of viscose, wool and elastane. Perfect for cold days, not only because they are warm, but also natural, breathable and non-irritating fabrics. In our turtleneck knitted dresses you can spend time both at home and outside. On lonely walks, playing with a child, shopping, family trips. Knitted dresses with turtleneck are also a perfect styling for lunch with friends, for work, cinema or for an intimate birthday party. If you want to wear a turtleneck sweatshirt dress for a more elegant event, match it with our felt earrings or a long necklace with ceramics. Suitable shoes are mainly low shoes, Vagabonds and lower and higher boots. Booties also come into play! Our transitional jackets, biker jackets and denim jackets are perfect as outerwear.


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