Women's ponchos

Women's poncho is a very universal outer garment. Although it is only a rectangle with a hole for the head, it can be used for many styles. However, women's ponchos available in our store are not only ordinary rectangles. It's a rich color and design that you can use all year round. Woolen ponchos with sleeves that can replace blouses or sweaters are perfect for winter. On the other hand, ponchos for spring and autumn are a large selection of linen and cotton punches made by hand on a knitting machine. They are real handicrafts. Here classic linen ponchos and turtleneck ponchos will perfectly complement your styling. You can wear them as a long blouse or over a jacket and coat. And if you need a light poncho to decorate your dress. The silk ponchos available in our store, painted and delicately felted with Australian merino wool, will be the perfect highlight of your outfit. Also, don't wait with your choice. We invite you.


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