Leather shoes

Leather shoes available in our store are real handicrafts. From beginning to end, they are made by hand and high-quality natural breathable leather gives comfort and guarantees durability for many years. Trek leather shoes are not stitched on the model, thanks to which they adapt individually to each foot. Therefore, if you have a problem with the choice of footwear, our leather shoes will be the perfect choice. If you have questions about how to choose the size or shape of the shoe, please contact us.



  • Vagabond shoes

    What is the best way to describe the hand-sewn Vagabond shoes in our offer? These are primarily footwear with an incredibly original cut, inspired by medieval patterns and old styles. Made of natural leather guarantees their high quality, durability and timelessness. These are shoes that you will wear not a season or two, but many years. You can wear them from early spring to fall, and when the weather permits - even in warmer winter. If you value extraordinary fashion and like to break everyday styling with expressive accents, we have many unique proposals for you. Naturally… Podlasek offers you Vagabond women's and men's shoes in a diverse and rich range of colors.

    Vagabond - women's leather boots and men's boots

    Each wardrobe should contain at least one pair of leather shoes that, despite the passage of time and intensive use, will not cease to look like new. Maybe it will be the original Vagabond leather shoes? This is a unique handicraft, made from start to finish by hand, from natural and high-quality leather. They have been designed in such a way that every exit from the house, an afternoon walk or a full-day trip will be pleasant for both you and your legs. In our offer you will find grain leather shoes and nubuck leather shoes that will delight you with their softness, durability and comfort that they guarantee while walking. They are slip-on shoes with a fastening at the back, so putting them on takes only a moment. If you put comfort first, and at the same time you do not want to give up unconventional, artistic style, choose our shoes, women's and men's boots.

    Hand-sewn Vagabond shoes - originality above all

    Naturally… Podlasek is famous for its handmade clothes and accessories, created from start to finish with heart and passion. The Vagabond model is 100% unique, both in terms of its unusual cut and the fact that they are handmade in the Trek studio in Krakow. None of the pairs have been sewn on the model, so it adapts individually to the shape of each foot. So if you struggle with health problems with your feet or find it difficult to choose footwear in standard stores, we have a great alternative for you! The shoes available in our offer will also delight you with their colors. You can choose for yourself, among others Turquoise, red or multi-colored leather women's shoes that will brighten up any stylization and give it a joyful look. Among men's leather boots, gray, navy blue and brown are the most popular. They look great with linen shirts and jeans or loose trousers made of fabric.

  • Basic shoes 2

    Are you interested in shoes that you will wear for many seasons and in different weather? Here you will find our extremely versatile leather shoes, Basic 2 model, in both women's and men's versions. They are perfect for the spring, summer and early autumn periods, so they will appeal to everyone looking for practical, durable and comfortable footwear that will stay with them for much longer. Each of the spring shoes available here is a product made by hand from start to finish, offered in many colors to choose from and laced with an elegant and original thong.

    Leather shoes for men and women

    Basic 2 are available both as women's leather shoes and men's shoes. These are comfortable shoes of the highest quality, made of natural leather with high durability and softness. Thanks to this, we guarantee that after putting them on your foot, you will feel great pleasure and joy from a well-made choice. Leather shoes will be with you during various situations, trips, walks and long journeys. You can cover many kilometers in them with a feeling of constant comfort and satisfaction. Both high-quality leather and a special Styrogum sole are responsible for the extraordinary comfort while wearing them. It provides good adhesion and, at the same time, remains abrasion-resistant. At Naturally… Podlasek, we create products that are to serve their owners for years. This is the case with hand-sewn shoes laced with a thong, intended for use almost all year round.

    Handmade shoes - original, unique and full of colors

    Leather shoes from our offer are one of a kind. Why? Because these shoes are made entirely by hand and in a limited number. Moreover, they are not sewn together on the model, so they fit individually to the shape of each foot. Thanks to this, you can be sure that they will perfectly fit your leg and will not cause discomfort in any place! The originality of our shoes is also due to the various colors in which they were finished. If you like to stand out from the crowd, we have juicy, temperamental and bold colors for you, such as yellow or pink. For those who prefer the classics, we recommend beautiful browns and grays. In women's leather shoes laced with a thong you can go to work, theater, cinema or meeting friends, combining them with your favorite dresses, skirts or trousers. Men's models are great for everyday wear, as well as for more formal stylizations, for example with a shirt and dark jeans.

  • Basic 5 boots

    Anyone who dreams of hand-sewn natural leather shoes will find them in our online store. The Basic 5 model is a taller traper-style footwear that is perfect for the vast majority of the year. You can wear them from early spring to fall and even during mild winter. Such universal and practical shoes from spring to late autumn will be a great complement to any wardrobe. You will quickly find out how many styles you can combine them with. We have Trek Basic 5 shoes for you in both women's and men's versions. Each pair is laced with a thong and entirely handmade, which guarantees its uniqueness. Thanks to a large selection of colors and the possibility of making footwear on an individual order, you will receive a product that meets all your expectations!

    Hand-sewn women's and men's shoes

    The men's leather hiking boots and women's leather hiking boots waiting for you in our store are made from start to finish by hand in a Krakow studio. So you won't find the same pair anywhere else! If you are looking for extraordinary and eye-catching footwear, our leather shoes with a thong will be a bull's eye. Due to the fact that they are not sewn on the model, in each case they adapt individually to the shape of the foot, which translates into the highest comfort of use. Handcrafted Trek shoes in the style of trappers will add character to many styles. Women can wear them with airy skirts or dresses, while men can wear them with elegant shirts, sweaters and trousers or casual T-shirts. Their classic and, at the same time, original cut means that you can combine them with practically all the clothes in your wardrobe.

    Natural leather shoes - colorful or classic?

    All products that we have prepared for you in our store are Polish shoes, made of 100% natural leather. As a result, they are extremely durable and designed in such a way as to stay with you for many seasons. Soft and at the same time solid material will not cease to delight you with its quality despite the passage of time. You can put them on for short distances, such as the road to work, university or shop, and go for a walk in the park, forest or a day trip. Comfort and durability are features that cannot fail with our hand-sewn leather shoes. Of course, these are not all the features that distinguish the Basic 5 hiking boots. If you like expressive colors and are not afraid of bold, eye-catching accents, in Naturally… Podlasek you will find leather shoes in the colors of juicy yellow, pink and even aquamarine. For people who are not yet prepared for such fashion variations, we recommend gray, dark green or dark orange.

  • Basic 7 boots

    Leather shoes Trek model Basic 7 in the style of tall trappers is our proposition for all those who like to break their styles with original and unusual accents. Handmade footwear is perfect for this task! It is also worth adding that each pair is made of high-quality, natural leather, which is why it will delight you with its durability and resistance to intensive use, as well as beautiful appearance. These are shoes for the whole year that fit perfectly in various combinations. How often you wear them will be determined only by how willingly and to what extent you experiment with fashion. In Naturalnie… Podlasek you will find women's leather hiking boots and men's leather hiking boots in many colors and sizes. All tied with original, colorful leather straps.

    Polish leather shoes tied with a thong

    We approach the quality of footwear uncompromisingly. Therefore, no matter which pair you choose, none of them will disappoint your expectations. In our offer you will find grain leather shoes and nubuck leather shoes, which, apart from the highest durability, are also soft, incredibly comfortable and breathable at the same time. Thanks to this, you will feel comfortable and pleasant even after all days spent outside the home. Leather lining and a sole made of Styrogum will also take care of your feet while walking. Where can you put on natural leather hiking boots? The answer is simple - everywhere! For meeting friends, to the cinema, theater, shop, work, for an evening walk, an open-air concert or a long trip. These are comfortable footwear suitable for frequent and long use, regardless of the season and circumstances.

    Handmade shoes - choose quality and uniqueness

    If you expect your shoes to be comfortable and durable, but also unique and unique, the Basic 7 model is just for you. These are hand-sewn shoes, made in Poland with respect for traditional craftsmanship. None of the pairs are sewn on the model, so it perfectly fits the individual shape of the foot. People who have had difficulties with finding comfortable footwear so far should check what comfort they will be provided with by hand-made shoes! Natural leather hiking boots are also distinguished by the availability of a wide range of colors. Canary or pink models are an ideal proposition for women who love to radiate joyful, good energy. You can also use them to break stylizations dominated by black or other dark colors. For men, we have prepared many classic proposals. Khaki, brown or maybe black? Which Trek leather shoes will you choose?

  • Cockney shoes

    Leather Cockney shoes are the highest model of Trek studio shoes available in Naturally Podlasek. These are leather shoes that look beautiful on the foot. In addition, rich colors and unique style will allow you to stand out at every occasion. Real handwork. From the beginning to the end, the shoes are sewn by hand and the high-quality natural leather of which they are made will provide the feet with full comfort and a guarantee of durability for many years. Cockney shoes are not sewn onto the model, so they adapt individually to each foot. Therefore, if you have a problem with the selection of shoes, or your size is missing, please contact us. Cockney leather shoes are must-have shoes. Enjoy your shopping.

  • Basic 7 winter boots

    Warmed with wool, high leather shoes available in our store is a winter version of shoes for fall and winter made in a Krakow studio. Lace-up straps have an original and unique style. From beginning to end, they are made by hand and high quality natural breathable leather gives comfort and guarantees durability for many years. Trek leather shoes are not stitched on the model, thanks to which they adapt individually to each foot. Therefore, if you have a problem with the choice of footwear, our leather shoes will be the perfect choice. The Basic 7 model in the insulated version available in our store is footwear that will work on winter days and their appearance will make nobody pass by them indifferently. If you have questions about how to choose the size or shape of the shoe, please contact us. We help you.

  • Moccasins

    Leather loafers with flat heels are a classic model of shoes from the Trek studio. Comfortable, stylish and hand-sewn, which distinguishes them from other shoes. Hand-stitched from beginning to end, and high-quality natural leather gives high wearing comfort and guarantees durability for many years. Leather loafers available at Naturally Podlasek are unique shoes that will prove themselves on a daily basis. Shoes that can be worn in any weather from spring to autumn by impregnating footwear impregnants available on the market. Enjoy your shopping.

  • Women's sandals

    Best summer shoes? Of course, comfortable sandals that, like no other footwear, work well in the hottest weather. In our offer you will find both original thong sandals and full women's sandals with a flat sole, which you can also wear in spring and early autumn. All made entirely by hand from natural, high-quality and breathable leather. You will feel comfortable and fresh in them, no matter how many kilometers you cover during the day. If you are looking for shoes that will provide you with the highest comfort, and at the same time will stay with you for many years, our leather sandals will become the perfect complement to your wardrobe.

    Leather sandals - durability, comfort and natural beauty

    High-quality shoes that suit a variety of styles and occasions are the best investment you can afford. These are the features that characterize the hand-sewn sandals in our offer. The natural, soft and durable leather they are made of will take care of the comfort of your feet, allowing you to carry out all your daily tasks without any problems. It is complemented by a special, abrasion-resistant Styrogum sole. Flat leather sandals will be the perfect footwear for all women who put comfort and pleasure in the first place from long walks in the park, city or forest.

    Handmade sandals, an extraordinary addition to any styling

    The uniqueness of leather sandals in the Naturally ... Podlasek store is best evidenced by the fact that they are made from start to finish using the manual method and not sewn directly on the model. Thanks to this, they adapt individually to each foot. Each pair is therefore completely unique and unrepeatable. We offer the largest selection of colors and patterns so that you can find your dream summer shoes. Our hand-sewn sandals will accompany you at work, on vacation, during a meeting with friends, on a walk or a garden party. You can combine them with airy dresses and skirts in elegant versions, or wear them with pants, choosing more casual outfits. We guarantee that you will not exchange them for any other shoes after one outing!

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