Sukienki dzianinowe długie

Maxi dresses are a timeless, very strong trend that will never go out of fashion. Only the nature or the material used for their production can change. And so in our offer you will find long knitted dresses made of soft, skin-friendly cotton knit or a mixture of viscose, wool and elastane. We have created them for colder days in the fall and winter season, which likes to surprise with temperatures. In your wardrobe, you will definitely need a warmer and at the same time non-biting or sweat-resistant dress. A dress that will make you feel and look beautiful, and at the same time freely and comfortably. Our maxi knitted dresses are one of those styles that you can wear on many occasions, during various outings. Check what exact models we offer!

What knitted maxi dress for fall or winter?

Long knit dresses have many faces. They come in different versions, so you shouldn't have any problems choosing your favorite one. We will start with maxi dresses made of knitted cotton oversize. For women for whom comfort and comfort always win, as well as for those who want to hide a slightly larger tummy or more massive thighs under a non-tight fabric. Remember that our long, oversized knitted dresses retain their femininity and finesse despite the casual, loose cut. There are also knitted maxi dresses with a hood in a casual edition, perfect for windy days. Especially when you forget your hat or scarf at home. In our range of knitted maxi dresses you will also find dresses made of knitted cotton with turtleneck. If you don't like wearing scarves or scarves, you'll quickly make friends with this style. We also have sensual, very feminine dresses for you with a flared bottom and a slight narrowing at the waist. They beautifully emphasize and slenderize every figure. For ladies who like to stand out, we recommend our long, knitted patchwork dresses. The remnants of colorful materials used here give them an extraordinary, energizing look.

Long knitted dresses - companions for many exits

Long knitted cotton dresses are dream dresses every day. For longer and shorter walks, meeting friends, family trips, shopping. You can also wear them to work and college. The maxi cut has a lot of elegance, especially when combined with our hand-painted decorations. In this way, in our Krakow studio, long, knitted dresses were created for romantic dinners or visits to the theater. At this point, your attention should focus primarily on knitted maxi dresses that narrow at the waist and divide downwards. Although they are definitely not evening dresses, additionally enriched with our artistic jewelry and a shawl, they will allow you to create a unique, original stylization for important events. On a daily basis, you can wear them with shoes, trappers or Vagabond shoes. In turn, from the holidays, put on boots or boots. High-heeled shoes will also be a good choice for shorter women who are a bit afraid of the maxi cut. If you decide on our long knitted dress, however, you will immediately find out that there is nothing to do!


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