Hooded dresses

Hooded dresses are clothes that you will not wear to a wedding, banquet, theater or any other solemn and solemn occasion, but it does not mean that you cannot look dazzling in them and draw attention to yourself! The hooded dresses that you can find in our offer are different than all the others. Despite the presence of a hood, which you certainly associate mainly with sports clothes, our summer dresses, which we have prepared for you, exude an exceptionally elegant, extraordinary style. How it's possible? We were helped in this by linen - a material with a natural, beautiful appearance, as well as hand-painted decorations that cover our hooded dresses, giving them a completely unique face. Are you looking for an original, feminine and eye-catching linen dress with a hood? You won't find ours anywhere else!

Dresses with a hood - which linen dress to choose?

Dresses with a hood are an interesting, original element of a women's wardrobe. At first, they may arouse contradictory feelings and a lot of uncertainty, but as soon as you put one on, you will quickly find out about it! In our store you will find hooded dresses in various styles, decorations and colors. They include long, sleeveless hooded linen dresses that will create a very comfortable styling when you are planning a day trip around the city, shopping or a walk with your child. For summer, holiday trips and meetings with friends, you can also choose a short dress with a hood made of linen. Will hooded dresses be suitable for work? Ours certainly is, of course, provided that you do not have any restrictive dress requirements. Thanks to hand-painted decorations and beautiful colors, dresses with a hood gain grace and an artistic, unique character. Teachers, in particular, are eager to choose them, because they can distinguish them and emphasize their style and personality. If you do not want to reveal the shoulders, choose a linen scarf or shawl with a hooded dress, or opt for a coat dress with a hood and long sleeves.

How to wear hooded dresses?

Linen dresses with a hood, depending on what occasion you put them on, can look more casual or elegant. When our hand-painted linen dress accompanies you during your weekly shopping, you will definitely want to focus on comfort in this case. Flat sandals, hiking boots or flip-flops and a large bag are the basic accessories that will complete the urban style. On colder days or in the morning, you can also wear a women's oversize cardigan on top. Dresses with a hood worn at work, for dinner with friends or for any other occasion where you want to feel special. They match perfectly with our linen string necklaces, scarves or felt earrings. If you have never worn hooded dresses before, be sure to start with our suggestions! Thanks to them, you will not have to compromise on comfort or an attractive, stylish look, regardless of the situation.


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