Felted silk scarves

A women's scarf is an accessory that is mostly associated with coldness, jackets and coats. Anyone who thinks about a scarf sees a warm scarf around the neck. However, for some time now, shawls also have a decorative function, which adds style and elegance to the creation. The silk scarves available in our store are the only and unique handicrafts. These are both delicate evening scarves and silk scarves felted with merino wool, which will perfectly finish everyday stylizations. For people with an artistic soul, looking for extraordinary accessories, we have prepared in our offer extremely plastic felted shawls and silk and wool scarves, which can be put on in many ways, creating original compositions. It all depends on your creativity. These felt scarves are small works of art that are hand dyed and embroidered in various patterns, and their rich colors will give you energy and make you feel special. All scarves available in our store are wet felted scarves, the base of which is high-quality natural silk and cotton mesh, which also allows you to create both a delicate scarf matching the dress and an interesting-looking cape over the shoulders. Take advantage of our offer.


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