Silk ponchos and cape

There comes a time when you need to decorate your dress, coat or maybe a jacket. You can't decide what to choose: a scarf, a poncho or a cape. The Naturally Podlasek store can offer you something that will fulfill all these functions. We offer ponchos made of silk with delicate merino wool felting will make them a favorite element of your everyday and formal stylizations. Women's poncho thanks to its asymmetrical shape, you can tie, translate and form according to your own invention. And to stimulate your creativity, we made a video with our ideas. I wonder what yours will be. Ponchos are made of silk, hand felted and dyed. And their rich colors allow them to match practically the entire wardrobe. And if you are looking for a gift for a loved one, a poncho will be the perfect gift for every woman. We invite you. Buy online


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