Women's handmade sweatshirts

Women's sweatshirts available in our store are sweatshirts that are made in accordance with the slow fashion trend. Real handmade. These are women's sweatshirts that are handcrafted by local artists and designers. And the fabrics they use are the highest quality Polish linen and cotton. Therefore, hand-made clothes are characterized by high durability and are extraordinary. Our store offers handmade sweatshirts in various styles that will emphasize your stylization both in a more elegant version and for everyday use at home or for work. We offer long sweatshirts with Ewa Dunikowska embroidery, you can put on them like a loose coat over dresses and blouses, creating a unique style. Hand-painted women's hoodies by Renata Podlasek are a handicraft that will make you stand out among ordinary prints. He will transfer these images to clothes that will emphasize your originality and uniqueness. Long and short linen sweatshirts from the Podlasek studio will complement your stylization and emphasize the avant-garde style of the Boho dress. But also in our offer you will find hoodies and pockets with a more loose and sporty style that can be matched with Aladdin pants also available in our store. We invite you to watch and buy handmade clothes. Clothes whose style does not fade away.

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