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Naturalnie... Podlasek

Our adventure with a fashion began many years ago. We initially dealt with selling products at the parents’ store. We have decided to design a few samples to satisfy our clients expectations. They were mainly linen, hand-painted dresses and knitwear accesories. We have presented them on many fashion’s shows. Our products became very popular among buyers in The U.S.A .We have decided to join our passion of making unique designs clothes with harmony of healthy life style. In this way we made our own brand. Naturalnie... Podlasek. Our projects are made from natural fabric such as (linen, wool, silk, and cotton) beginning from linen yarn to knitwear made on the loom.

Our collections are directed to people who appreciate non- trivial style, comfort, originality and good quality. For people who want to emphasize their personality by clothes, to marvel and differ from others. All these for to be in harmony with the nature. We produce the style which is timeless and it’s never passing.

Renata i Grzegorz Podlasek