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Are you looking for a roomy, light and practical large linen bag? One where you can fit much more than just a wallet, phone and the most necessary cosmetics? You will find one without any problems among our women's linen handbags in various shapes and sizes! These are eco-fabric bags made of natural, biodegradable fabrics and linen knitwear. Materials from which we also manufacture the vast majority of clothes available in our store. The remaining "leftovers" are used for handbags, thanks to which we do not waste a scrap! Each large linen bag will be perfect for work, school, university, shopping, a trip or the beach. Thanks to the increased capacity, you can easily hide in it a laptop, books, documents and many other items that cannot be accommodated by any other handbags. Choose your linen shopper bag and be prepared for every exit!

Large linen bag - your favorite everyday bag

Linen shopper bag is one of the basic and irreplaceable women's accessories. It is unmatched when you have to take your laptop, books, notebooks or other types of documents from home with you every day. A large linen bag is therefore a favorite women's handbag for work, university and school. You can fit exactly as many things as you need in it without any difficulties. Linen shopper bag and linen sack handbag are also great for shopping. Instead of using disposable plastic bags, replace them with an eco-friendly linen shoulder bag! It is a fabric bag, which makes it easy to fold, and after folding it takes up an absolute minimum of space. Therefore, you can always have it with you. Hidden in the main purse or suitcase that you take on vacation. Women's linen handbags are also a great choice for every trip, walk or journey. They are extremely light and at the same time durable, comfortable to wear and roomy. Thanks to this, you can fit in them, among others snacks, lunch, water, beach blanket, swimwear. We have also equipped them with additional pockets for smaller ones that like to get lost. One large linen bag can accompany you on all your daily outings!

Women's linen handbags in everyday styling

Ecological fabric bags that you can find in our store are primarily artistic, unique hand-painted linen bags for women. We decorate them with patterns depicting flowers, animals, abstract motifs and faces. It is them that give them a beautiful, original and colorful appearance. However, if you prefer classic, universal models, these are also waiting for you in our offer. Each linen bag, no matter if it is a shopper bag, a linen bag or one of the smaller models, fits perfectly with linen dresses. You can wear it with oversized dresses, boho dresses, shirt dresses, or dresses sewn from the bias. Women's linen handbags also go well with linen skirts, trousers, shirts, tunics. On cooler days, combine them with a spring linen coat. Also, don't be afraid to combine them with a smaller leather bag. In such a duo, a large linen bag will be your "auxiliary" bag for documentation, laptop or grocery shopping.


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