Handmade linen sweaters

Linen sweaters from the Naturally Podlasek collection are real handicrafts. These are original models of our own and local craftsmen. Each linen sweater is made on a manual knitting machine and the highest quality linen yarn used will make it an indispensable element of your wardrobe. The uniqueness of styles will take you into the world of your own creativity. You decide if you want an asymmetrical sweater with a shawl or a loose cardigan. It all depends on how you put it on, pin it up or tie it. Or maybe a linen sweater that will decorate your hand-painted linen dress? The rich colors of the available sweaters will always allow you to find something suitable for you. You should also add the advantages of linen knitwear, which nowadays is often replaced with artificial materials. Flax knitted fabrics are antibacterial, antiallergic and are a natural UV filter. Caring for the environment, remember that linen is completely biodegradable.

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