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Linen dresses available in the Naturally Podlasek store are rich colors, original designs and designs created by local artists. In your wardrobe you can not miss the timeless linen dresses ideal for everyday and for big outings. Hand painting, fancy decorations are our specialty. Our hand-painted linen dresses have gained recognition among many clients in Poland and in the world. These are real works of art. These are images transferred to the fabric that are unique. For women who prefer looseness and comfort, our offer includes loose and asymmetrical dresses that are perfect for hot summer days. For special occasions, we offer long tailored dresses that will emphasize your femininity and hand-painted floral patterns will complement its unique character. In our collection of linen dresses we only use natural Polish fabrics. And caring for the environment, we use materials to the last scrap, creating unique and colorful patchwork dresses in which you will delight in the eyes of others. It is also worth remembering the unique properties of linen. Flax is anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and is a natural UV filter. We invite you to buy single and unique linen dresses.

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