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The skirt is the most used part of women's clothing. Just choose the right blouse or linen sweater to look special. Skirts available in our store are rich in colors and variety of styles. In the summer you will find: straight skirts, asymmetrical skirts, skirts with strings with which you can change its shape or length. It all depends on your creativity. In our summer collection we only use natural materials such as the highest quality Polish linen and cotton. Caring for the environment, we use fabrics to the last scrap. And that's how unique and colorful patchwork skirts are created, which will suit many occasions. In the winter, our offer is expanded to include artistic skirts of local artists. Attention to detail creates unique felted skirts. Envelope skirts are real handicrafts. It's embroidery, painting and felting in one. It's a long time of hard work dedicated to your passion to please the eye and satisfy more than one artistic soul. Enjoy your shopping.

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