Women's woolen vests

As you know, the women's vest is an accessory that will complement your outfit. But a vest can also be an artistic garment that will catch the eye of many people. The asymmetrical wool vests available in our store are unique handicrafts. It is the laborious, manual work of a local artist who, drawing inspiration from her interest in literature and art, creates unique and unique woolen vests made of silk-felted material. And on top of that, everything is made of the highest-quality silk and merino wool. And as you know, merino wool is the softest, pleasant to the touch and non-chewing wool. The uniqueness of the vests is also added by hand-painted and embroidered details, which the artist approaches with great care and accuracy, turning simple vests into vests with embroidery of asymmetrical shapes and unique patterns. The advantage of the wool vests available from us is also their multifunctionality. Reversible vests are real works of art, they can be worn on two sides, each side has a different color and different decorations, and thanks to the hand-felted brooches attached to the vests, you can freely change their shape and length. The wide range of colors available in the Naturally Podlasek store, the vests will be the perfect complement to both winter and summer styling. We invite you for shopping that will take you to the world of fairy tales and myths. When buying from us. you support local producers, artists and handicraftsmen.


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