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Leather bags, purses, backpacks, sacks and saddlebags are an indispensable element of a woman's wardrobe. The Naturally Podlasek store is the perfect choice to find original handbags made by local Krakow artists. In our offer you will find leather shoulder bags made by Alicja Miszczyk's original studio. The creative process of each purse is a separate story. This is the moment to find a piece of leather, a unique buckle or metal and ceramic ornaments. Leather handbags are sewn from scratch by hand using traditional methods from the highest quality natural leather. Each bag is decorated differently, and their irregular cuts, shapes and combinations of different colors or materials make them stand out from classic handbags. To spell the gray of the street, the artist uses bold colors. Hence the turquoise, orange, red, yellow handbags available in our store and those that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. Our store also offers handbags from the studio of Dorota Kasprzyk. The originality and functionality of these bags will work in the toughest conditions. Here you will find handbags for special tasks such as: cavernous shopper bags, handbags that instantly transform into backpacks and sacks that can hide more than one secret in their interior. We invite you to buy local products. By buying from us you support local artists.

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